The Evolution of Rocketship’s Identity

Dec 31, 2015

Rocketship Creative Design Lab is a growing company, and our mission, which is to provide awesome multimedia design services to medium and large scale businesses both locally and internationally, continues to evolve in many ways. With this, we saw the need to refresh our brand and for us to be able to do this we needed to look back to where we started.

The evolution of a company

Back when we started in 2014, we focused on web design and had small to medium sized foreign businesses as our first set of clients. As the company grew and as we try new ways of marketing the company, we discover ourselves attracting medium to large-scale businesses locally. In addition, the demand for our services expanded more into corporate branding, graphic design, space design and video.

As Rocketship evolved and continues to evolve in many ways, we want this growth to be reflected in our logo. We wanted our look to be more established and developed but still it should feel exciting and energetic.

The new logo explained

Our symbol has changed from a vintage looking rocket with lots of details to a simplified and modern looking one with less details and a sharper look. The smoke behind the rocket takes on a much simpler form with just two white squiggly lines as shading for detail compared to the multiple lines used in the previous logo. We also made the circular shape uneven in width to give the impression of our energetic vibe in our logo.

The typeface is now in uppercase letters and is centered aligned. We did this to give the impression of being a more established and matured company.

The re-design is jus the tip of the iceberg

Rocketship’s new logo is just the first of many innovations we envision for the company. As we evolve, we continue to work and strive for the better and find more improved ways of offering great quality web and graphic design services – what our clients usually get from Rocketship.