Design x Food: 5 Reasons Mafbex 2015 Is Not Just For Foodies

Jul 28, 2015

The Manila Foods and Beverages Expo is already an annual tradition for all restaurateurs, caterers, chefs, and anyone who simply loves food. It’s a week-long foodgasm that features a wide variety of cuisine.

 At this year’s Mafbex, the organizers decided to surprise participants by showcasing something beyond the usual fare. From the opening day on July 22 until the last day on July 26, attendees were treated to a delicious display of graphic design crafted by Worldbex Creatives in collaboration with Rocketship Creative Design Lab. Giant food mascots and a charming dance show were also there to add visual yum. Yes, it’s pretty mouth-watering even if you just had your lunch.

Here are 5 reasons why Mafbex 2015 was a huge hit (aside from the food of course).

1. This promo clip is tasteful for foodies and designers alike.

2. There’s a graceful dance presentation from the Cultural Center of the Philippines for those who want more of an eye-feast.

3. Even if you are not looking to grab a bite, it’s always nice to watch a chef work his magic.

4. A black burger? It’s a great example of daring design meets classic food.

5. If nothing still interests you, a photo op with a giant mantika will make it worth your while.

Mafbex 2015 is a big hit among returning and new participants. The merger of food and graphic design is proven to deliver a delightful experience. After all, no one is ever too full for great design. 

To know more about the creative team behind Mafbex 2015’s promotional design, visit They’re always ready to cook up something new.